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Inspired by the lush beauty of Orosi Valley, its Rivers, mountains, floura and fauna; is established “Hacienda Don José” with the only objective to give an innovative alternative in Cartago for national and international visitors.


Since 2012 one entrepreneur family of Orosi downtown got the challenge to open a gastronomy trade and they got to open a restaurant in the middle of the called “tourism route” or the “tour ring” placed in Orosi- Cachi-Ujarras that restaurant is called “ Tradiciones Don José”, their delightful dishes and a personalized attention has been the main target to enhance the time spent with the family.


Three years after it was opened we have started to the second step of the touristic project and as another family member join, a professional group inspired ancient rituals of relaxation and beautification the “Orosi al Natural Spa” has been founded.


Guided by the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes us we have developed the third part of the project . Now " Hacienda Don Jose " also features the rafting tour service in crystalline waters of the Rio Grande de Orosi due to the strategic alliance with “Rafting Orosi”


Currently growth studies are performed to implement othe kind of services such as lodging , camping areas around the place, hiking trails , rope park and some other activities during any season of the year.

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