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The main objective is to increase body heat to produce perspiration, hygienic therapeutic purposes and / or. The Finnish sauna uses dry heat, that heat is around 80 and 100 degrees, and builds a relative humidity of less than 15%, this results in ample body sweating and cooling mechanism.
The heat of the Finnish sauna is obtained by heating sandstones with no electrical resistance, which make the stones come emit red hot and dry heat.

Its main benefits are:


  •      Heat increases the heart rate and vasodilation, positive influence on the cardiovascular system and muscle metabolism, which accelerates.

  •      Eliminates toxins: the open pores sweat away skin impurities are removed. Sweat itself also leaving waste products such as heavy metals, alcohol and nicotine are removed.

  •      Improves breathing: breathing to thin the mucus roads are cleared. It has been found that in people with obstructive respiratory disease transiently improve bodily functions.

  •      The heat increases circulation and the production of endorphins, relieves pain and joint discomfort

  •      With regard to sport, the Finnish sauna helps muscle recovery and overall body after any exertion.

Despite all the benefits mentioned above when entering a Finnish sauna should take the following precautions.

     By increasing your heart rate using the elderly, pregnant women and people with health problems (hypertension, heart disease, varices) is recommended.
     If this is the first time you enter a sauna are advised not to exceed 10 minutes to avoid the pressure to fall further suggested do it with someone experienced in these therapies.
     Those who suffer severe bronchial disease, epilepsy, anorexia or renal colic should avoid using the sauna.
     Avoid using the sauna immediately after exercise, we suggest waiting at least 15 minutes.
     Leaving you should drink water, because the body has been exposed to a continuous dehydration.
     Do not use the sauna if you have excessive hunger or immediately after eating.
     At the beginning you should stay in the lower seats.
     Avoid exercising or talking too much during the session, as pulmonary and cardiac system will be overloaded.
     It is recommended leaving every 15 minutes in the sauna for cooling the body with cold water.
     If the person is lying is recommended that leaving up slowly and maintain a sitting position for one minute that circulation is restored and avoid dizziness.

     It is advisable to take more than two weekly sessions.

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