We have a pool of warm and modern design, with a depth of 1 30 cm, built by one of the most experienced companies in Costa Rica (Aquarium pools and spa), which is supported by the OIC ISO 9001 certified.

The cleaning through the purification system, disinfects and purifies water, destroying bacteria and toxic microorganisms to health.

The main objective of the relaxation pool is to cause thermal shock in our body, alternating high temperatures in our sauna, steam and whirlpool with low temperatures of it.




Orosi al Natural Spa, have a sauna, where visitors can relax and get their benefits.



It has 40 C of temperature and a humidity of 95%, Turkish bath uses water vapor to detoxify and cleanse our body, leaving the skin soft and smooth.



All our spa amenities are complemented to ensure that our visitors have a unforgettable moment of relaxation.

Our whirlpool (Jacuzzi), has a capacity for 6 persons, 47 spouts, a motor 4 hp and its temperature is around 35 C. It has a modern systems: ionization, filters and chlorination to keep the water completely clean.

This therapy has a duration of 30 minutes and is perfect for all those who are under high levels of stress caused by the daily life of a laborious life.