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Benefits and Cautions

As the Finnish sauna steam bath uses heat to produce benefits in the body, but in this case the heat is supplied by moist heat, steam.
The temperature of the sauna is lower than in the Finnish sauna, the temperature ranges between 25 and 50 degrees, and the relative humidity is 99%, the atmosphere to be saturated is steam prevents sweating, thus you sweat less compared to the Finnish sauna.
In this type of sauna heat is generated to heat water and evaporate throughout the room, creating a fog, that rest on the body surface will form droplets resembling sweat, making function disperse heat and cool the body.
Its main benefits are:


  •      By heat accelerates metabolic functions, this increases respiration, heart rate, so it stimulates the nervous and hormonal system.

  •      The vapor causes dilation of the pores, thus eliminating toxins and impurities, cleanses the skin and provides a smoother skin.

  •      Al humidified airway an expectorant effect occurs, thus combating colds, coughs, sinusitis and other respiratory system diseases.

  •      Increases ability to exchange oxygen and ventilation processes benefiting recovery effort.

  •      Help clean the female genitalia and relieves symptoms of menstruation.

  •      It is recommended for adolescents with acne problems as it cleans pores deeply. It is also useful to shaving as it softens the skin.

  •      As the dry sauna is recommended alternate with cold water baths.



The same to be taken for the use of the Finnish sauna.


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